Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

​Illegally Parked or Abandoned Vehicles

Parking lots are private property. Business owners pay for the land, property taxes, and maintenance costs to be able to provide a place for their customers or guests to park. For many establishments, offering parking gives them a competitive advantage over their competition. This is the reason why many business owners take parking violations very seriously.

Illegally parked vehicles can drive away business and result in a loss of income. This is a problem that can cost businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars if left unchecked.

At Murfreesboro Tow Truck Service, we understand how difficult it can be to keep a business afloat, and we want to help our fellow business owners protect their livelihood and discourage opportunistic drivers from taking advantage of their property for free parking.

Our towing company can assist you with illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. We will remove the offending vehicles from your premises in accordance with the law to ensure that the problem is dealt with in an appropriate manner that does not leave you liable.

Illegal Parking

If you own the property that a parking lot sits on, you have the right to restrict parking to customers only. Many businesses choose to adopt this rule because keeping parking spaces available for customers can be very important.

In most cities and states, you will need to post clear, visible signs to inform drivers that parking is reserved for customers only and violators will be towed. It is your responsibility to put due diligence into making sure there is adequate warning provided. If a driver nevertheless chooses to park illegally, you have the right to contact a licensed towing service to remove their vehicle from your property. Illegally parked car towing will be at the expense of the car's owner.

Murfreesboro Tow Truck Service provides professional flatbed and heavy duty towing to safely and properly relocate any vehicle without damage. The owner of the vehicle will deal directly with us to resolve the matter, saving your business the stress and hassle.

Abandoned Vehicles

Occasionally, property owners may come across a vehicle that has been abandoned. If a car has not been moved from your parking lot or property for days, weeks, or months, and you do not know who it belongs to or how to get in touch with the owner, you can have Murfreesboro Tow Truck Service remove the vehicle from your property for you.

Abandoned vehicles can cause inconvenience for private property owners, or tie up precious parking spaces. Such a car may be too old and damaged to function, or simply no longer wanted. In most cases, it will do you no good to keep the vehicle on your property even if is not necessarily causing a problem. Our towing services are the best way to safely and securely tow any vehicle of any size and in any condition.

For towing rates or more information about our illegally parked and abandoned vehicle towing services, contact us.

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