Accident Vehicle Recovery

​Accident Vehicle Recovery

When your vehicle has been in an accident, it may not always be wise to attempt to drive it away from the scene even if it is still able to be driven. It can be hard to determine the extent of damage your vehicle has sustained based on a cursory look, and you may risk causing further damage to your car by moving it or operating it.

The best thing to do is contact a tow truck service and have your car taken to a trusted mechanic for a full inspection once you have reported the accident or exchanged information with any other drivers involved. You should remove your vehicle from the road as soon as possible to avoid obstructing traffic or further accidents.

Murfreesboro Tow Truck Service can assist you with accident vehicle recovery. We provide 24/7 towing service for customers in and around Murfreesboro, TN. Call us at any time if you need a tow or roadside assistance.

Fast Response

An accident can happen in an instant. It's difficult to process everything all at once, especially in the aftermath of a collision. Most drivers are shaken up, angry, or in shock. It is important to remember to stay calm, contact the appropriate authorities and emergency services if necessary, and get yourself and your vehicle to safety as quickly as possible.

If you cannot get your vehicle safely off the road, contact Murfreesboro Tow Truck Service for assistance and await help away from the road and traffic. Safety is always the top priority in any situation, so keep a clear head and take care of your well-being and the well-being of any others who are involved first and foremost.

Leave it to our towing company to remove your car from the scene and transport it to the nearest mechanic or auto repair shop of your choice. We provide our customers with prompt and reliable accident vehicle recovery services and emergency assistance around the clock. A tow truck will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible to assist.

Safe Towing

When your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or collision, it can require special care to tow it in order to prevent causing further damage to the body or structure of the car. That is because it is not always clear what parts of the car have been affected or compromised. Our tow truck operators understand the last thing a customer who has been in an accident wants to see is rough treatment or reckless towing of their vehicle.

We provide the level of care and service you deserve, and provide compassion and support to reassure shaken drivers after an accident. Our company offers flatbed towing as well as heavy-duty towing. This ensures that we are able to assist with the recovery of any type of vehicle that has been involved in an accident within the city of Murfreesboro, TN.

Contact us if you need the services of our tow trucks.

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